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A baby is brought to your clinic after an injury to the knee. You suspect a damage to one the the nerves in the lower leg. You know this nerve (nerve A) is a branch of Sciatic nerve


You perform some sensory and motor tests on the baby to find out which nerve is damaged.

On examination the baby cannot plantar flex and Invert his foot. Also there is a sensory loss in the sole of his foot.


Which nerve is damaged?



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Peroneal Nerve (fibula nerve)

44 (33.85%)



Saphenous Nere

8 (6.15%)



Tibial Nerve

72 (55.38%)



Sural Nerve

6 (4.62%)



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  • Common peroneal nerve (fibular nerve) stimulation results in dorsiflexion and eversion of the foot.
  • Stimulation of the tibial nerve results in plantar flexion and inversion of the foot.

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Anatomy, Lower Limb, Nerves


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What a fantastic question and really useful picture! Brilliant.

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