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Which one of the following ions is most stable?
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There are two contributing factors to this question, one is distance and another is the electronegativity.


First, when the halogen group is further from the site of dense charge, the induction effect becomes weaker, therefore there is a lesser contribution to the stability of the ion.


Second, as the electronegativity of an atom increases, the dipole created is stronger.  In acid conditions, pKa decreases slightly due to this strong electronegativity, making an even more acidic compound.  The more acidic the compound is, the more stable its conjugate base will be.

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Written: 5:03pm, 24 SepAuthor has: 3686 points and 0 badges

Good question covering the new material in class and good explanation!

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Written: 1:34pm, 25 SepAuthor has: 1850 points and 0 badges

For this question, when I pick the answer, I consider that because in A the F is very electronegative , so it can pull the negative charge from O close to itself, and this is induction effect. It helps the negative charge to spread to more atoms instead only O atom, so that is why it is more stable than others. By the way, since all molecules have same number of resonances, so induction becomes important.

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 Good analysis of the question! I like it.
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Written: 1:50pm, 25 SepAuthor has: 3823 points and 6 badges

Nice question.  Good review of induction.

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Written: 6:26pm, 24 SepAuthor has: 300 points and 0 badges

good question...makes you think

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Written: 2:41pm, 26 SepAuthor has: 2238 points and 0 badges

Great question...really makes you consider different contributions to stability.

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Written: 7:24pm, 26 SepAuthor has: 3303 points and 0 badges

I like how it makes you think; we have to recall the concept of e- withdrawing groups and consider the relative electronegativities.

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Written: 1:33pm, 27 SepAuthor has: 2201 points and 0 badges

The explanation was good. I liked it, good job!

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Written: 3:59pm, 27 SepAuthor has: 2342 points and 0 badges

Good question :)

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